Letter: New SF transit center sets high bar for Fremont BART

New SF transit center setshigh bar for Fremont BART

Re: “Bay Area gains new icon with San Francisco’s ‘Grand Central station of the West’ ” (Eastbaytimes.com, Aug. 8):

I just visited the Transbay Transit Center and it’s beautiful. Civic pride oozes, from the terrazzo floors to the Penrose pattern siding. It’s a fitting welcome to all who use this portal to San Francisco.

On a much more modest scale, we take pride in our Altamont Corridor Express station on Fremont Boulevard – a lovingly restored relic of the past – and the new Warm Springs BART station.

However, our main portal is the tired and undermaintained Fremont BART station. The Fremont Art & Wine Festival brought thousands to our town. The impression they had once they got off the BART train – trash in the parking lots, bare dirt, sparse landscaping that is old and overgrown, restrooms that would embarrass an outhouse and signage that belongs at the Tech Museum.

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