Readers sound off on the Oscars, immigration and Jamaica Bay

Manhattan: The City Council voted Wednesday on to put a year-long cap on the number of Uber-type cars in the city. As a black woman who lives in Manhattan and who owns a car, I see all sides of the issue. I’m that woman who has stood in the street with my hand in the air, hailing a yellow cab, only to have it ride right past me … and stop for the person a few feet away who looks nothing like me, because the yellow cab driver assumed I was 1) going to Harlem, 2) going to Brooklyn, 3) wouldn’t give him a good tip … I could go on. I am also that woman who navigates around Manhattan in my own car and also via public transportation and on foot, and who sees the hordes of vehicles on these streets. Socked in would be the word! So I see both sides of this debate. However, the proliferation of Uber, Juno, Lyft, Via and other ride share app services would have never taken off had yellow cab drivers not been discriminatory, exclusionary and presumptuous in the first place. Sharon G. Jones

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