Readers sound off on green cabs, primary elections and the Mets

Bronx: On rare occasions I find myself agreeing with a liberal like Richard Cohen. This is one of those cases where we agree on certain points in his July 3 column “Espousing socialism, playing with fire.” However, there is one statement that Cohen makes that deserves further comment: “The culture that (President) Trump so ardently wants to protect is white, male, working-class, and Christian. It is on the way out, and that produces resentment and fury.” If the descendants of the West are “on the way out,” then the America we know and love will cease to exist. Inventions and innovations that have, for the most part, made this world a better place came out of the West and were carried across the ocean to this land by people who sought a better life. They brought with them their values, traditions, heritage, and skills. They were proud and industrious people who created an exceptional nation that has been a beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world. I believe America’s fate, her destiny, is entwined with white, male and female, working-class Christians. Bob Pascarella

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