WATCH: Terrifying tornado rips apart buildings and tosses vehicles in Pa.

Transcript for Terrifying tornado rips apart buildings and tosses vehicles in Pa.

She wrote sarcastic CLI, but my e-mails. She believes Comey cost her the election. Next to the major tornado in the northeast. It happened in wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania. It was one of several tornados hitting and Eva pilgrim is there. Reporter: Severe weather on the move tonight. Powerful storms already tearing through the east. We have a large gas line that has ruptured. Several building collapses in the area. Reporter: An ef-2 tornado, with winds up to 130 miles per hour, ripping buildings apart, tossing vehicles like toys in wilkes-barre township, Pennsylvania. Then all of a sudden the building landed on top of my car, and I thought me and my son were going to die. Reporter: The danger present even after daybreak. They are actually evacuating us from this area right now because of a propane leak, and they have now blocked off this part of the road. This time lapse capturing the storm’s fury. Sarah Smith rode it out in a restaurant walk-in cooler. I called my mom to tell her that I love her, and I didn’t know if I was going to make it out. Reporter: Six people were hurt. Nearly two dozen businesses damaged or destroyed. And northwest of here, a second ef-2 twister striking several homes in Bradford county. David, this storm ripped through right about closing time for many of these businesses. If it had been just a few hours earlier, so many more people would have been caught in this storm. David? Eva pilgram tonight. Thank you.

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