Shawn Mendes Will Eventually Do The Whole Bad Boy Thing: 'I Just Need A Few Years!'

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Shawn Mendes won’t stay this wholesome forever!

In a new profile for Wonderland‘s summer issue, for which he is featured on TWO covers, the 19-year-old opened up about the pressures of maintaining his squeaky clean image throughout his rise to fame.

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While he revealed that having a great support system is the key to being grounded, the Canadian crooner teased that he might not stay that way forever, explaining:

“I think I’ve been really lucky to have a good foundation of people around me… I’m just a normal person and nobody talks me up too much. Support is there when you need it, but not when it’s not needed. I think it’s really important to keep your feet on the ground. You never know though, give it a couple more years and you might be taking back everything you just said.”

Uh oh. Does that mean his inner bad boy will come out soon?

“I mean, I haven’t had a chance. I just need a few years! Don’t jinx me!”

Yeesh, sorry we brought it up!

The musician has been feeling a lot of pressure lately with the release of his third studio album, particularly worried about how fans would receive songs about “sad” subjects, like his anxiety.

He confessed:

“It was absolutely terrifying, I was thinking, what if people say, ‘Why is he making sad songs? We like his songs about love.’ I was terrified, then I realized it’s not about that. The day after it came out, I started getting messages from fans, friends and family about how important it was to them. You know, I couldn’t be happier.”

Well, that’s what matters!

Every pop star sheds their pure image sooner or later — we just have to wait for someone to corrupt him first!

For now, enjoy some pics from Shawn’s Wonderland spread (below)!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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